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Blusky reverses climate change by taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and putting it back underground where it belongs.

We develop technologies that turn back climate change

Every year, billions of tonnes of organic waste are thrown away to decompose. We collect and convert this waste into stable forms of carbon that take hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years to return to the atmosphere.

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How It Works

Reduce and Reverse Emissions

In order to solve climate change, human society has to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Through renewable power and environmentally beneficial products, we reduce emissions in the energy, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors. Additionally, we reverse emissions by removing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and securely storing them underground.


We work with local communities to gather as much organic waste as possible. If this waste goes to a landfill, it will decompose into methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By keeping this waste out of landfills, we eliminate methane emissions.


We can’t convert all the waste to secure carbon; some of it becomes fuel or gas. We burn these to generate renewable energy, but then capture and mineralize the CO2 coming from the generators, producing reverse-emission electricity while turning the carbon to stone.


Organic waste decomposes in a few years, returning its carbon to the atmosphere. We convert this waste into material that takes hundreds or thousands of years to decompose, like biochar to add to soil or bio-oil to inject underground.

How It Works

Reduce and Reverse Emissions


This is Blusky

To prevent and reverse climate change, we not only have to reduce emissions, we have to remove them from the atmosphere. Bluski is dedicated to both: we earn a profit by helping people and businesses save money reducing their emissions. Then we invest those profits in gigatonne-scale carbon capture technology to take atmospheric carbon dioxide and put it back into stable form underground.
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We not only have to reduce emissions, we have to remove them from the atmosphere. Blusky is dedicated to both.

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Our Mission

Put billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide back in the ground

We are currently expanding our facility to capture 10,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. With this facility we are seeking to win the Carbon Removal XPrize, demonstrating our carbon capture solution’s tremendous potential and raising funds to expand to the megatonne scale.

Join us to help turn the tide of climate change and make a difference

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