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To prevent and reverse climate change, we not only have to reduce emissions, we have to remove them from the atmosphere. Bluski is dedicated to both: we earn a profit by helping people and businesses save money reducing their emissions. Then we invest those profits in gigatonne-scale carbon capture technology to take atmospheric carbon dioxide and put it back into stable form underground.

Home Energy Audits

Our partners can analyze your home, stop air from leaking in or out, and save thousands on your heating and cooling bills. (CT Only)

Solar Energy

Rooftop solar can eliminate your entire electric bill and power your home with clean, renewable energy for decades to come.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Never pay another heating oil bill again. You can heat and cool your entire home with Earth's natural underground energy. (Requires ductwork)

Carbon Credits

If you want to do even more for the planet, you can help offset even more carbon dioxide by purchasing a credit for CO2 that has been taken from the air and buried underground for thousands of years.

Carbon Capture Technology

How We Remove
Carbon Dioxide
From the Air

We are developing our technology to reach the 2050 IPCC's 10 gigatonne per year carbon capture needs. That's the equivalent of the CO2 absorbed every year by nearly 460 billion trees.


Recent Vlog

The $100 Million Race to Capture Carbon

The XPrize foundation is sponsoring a competition to find the best solution to remove carbon dioxide from the air.