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To prevent and reverse climate change, we not only have to reduce emissions, we have to remove them from the atmosphere. Bluski is dedicated to both: we earn a profit by helping people and businesses save money reducing their emissions. Then we invest those profits in gigatonne-scale carbon capture technology to take atmospheric carbon dioxide and put it back into stable form underground.

Our Story

How Bluski Started

Started with a Dream

During the Covid-19 Pandemic in early 2021, the XPrize foundation announced a $100 million competition to develop the best carbon capture technology. Two freinds, William Hessert and Javaughn Henry, seperately had the same idea: because algae is so rapid growth, why not use that to capture carbon? After an immense amount of research and learning to design the process, as well as launching other services to help fund the research, Will & Jay had their plan to win the XPrize, and began to build a team of people just as crazy as them.


The Bluski Team

Will Hessert

Chief Executive Officer

Will spent years as an entrepreneur, successfully building a million-dollar software business. He is now using his experience and resources to scale Bluski as quickly and successfully as possible.

Jay Henry

Chief Analytics Officer

After building a successful career in media development, Jay became heavily involved in nature and the art of growing things. He has taken this knowledge and dedicated it to maximizing algae growth for Bluski.