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Our Technology

The Goal

Remove Carbon Dioxide From the Air to the Ground

According to the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says to avoid the worst effects of climate change, humanity must reach net-zero emissions by 2050. To ensure this becomes a reality, the IPCC also calls for 10 gigatonnes per year of carbon capture. There is no technology that has ever been developed at scale to accomplish this feat. This is our plan...

Step I

Collect Biowaste

Companies are spending billions of dollars to figure out how to pull carbon dioxide out of the air; meanwhile the plants around us do that for free. We collect organic materials from wood chips to leaves to food waste to harness the carbon within it, and stopping it from becoming methane in the local landfill.

Step II


Our processes require our waste to be as dry as possible. Thankfully our process also creates a lot of heat, so we recycle our waste heat and use it for drying purposes.

Step III


We heat our waste to incredibly high temperatures to break it down into its elemental components. From this we get solid black carbon called biochar, a thick black oil called bio-oil, and a gas mixture called syngas. The heat produced in this process helps to keep the process going, meaning it's self-powering: no electricity required.

Step IV

Biochar Distribution

Biochar can be applied to soil to improve crop yields, help water retention, and even lower reliance on fertilizer and pesticides. But even better, by adding biochar to soil, the carbon inside it will remain there for hundreds of years, helping to reverse climate change. We ship our biochar locally to reduce transport emissions and support the local community.

Step V

Bio-Oil Injection

Most of the climate mess we're in now is because we have taken oil from deep underground and burned it. Now, we have a chance to reverse that process. The bio-oil we produce from our gasification doesn't have a lot of use, but it does have a lot of carbon. By returning that oil to the ground via injection, the carbon in the oil will be locked away for millions of years.

Step VI

Renewable Energy

Syngas, one of the products of gasification, can be converted into a carbon-neutral power source. This gas can either be sold to energy producers looking to reduce their emissions or can be used to generate power onsite to sell back to the grid.

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